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          Official Club E-mail Address

                             "info at TripleCitiesSkiClub dot com"


Club Officers & Directors


  Judicial Committee
  • President                                           (Info)
    Marie Monaco

  • Vice President                                   (Info)
    Gary B.

  • Treasurer
    Ilene P.                                              (Info)

  • Financial Officer
    Laura M.                                           (Info)

  • Recording Secretary
    Brenda N.                                           (Info)

  • Communications Director
    Tim H.                                              (Info)

  • Sgt-at-Arms
    Walt B.                                             (Info)

  • Membership Director - Accounting
    Sue J.                 

  • Membership Director - Promotion
    Tony A.           

  • Advisory Directors (2)
    Linde G., Lynette W.                              (Info)

  • Outdoor and Fitness Director
    Ingrid J.                                              (Info)

  • Ski Director
    Robert N.                                            (Info)

  • Social Director

  • Income Directors (2)
    Keith W, Kim J.                                  (Info)

  • Publicity Director
    Jill D.         

  • Meeting Director
    Denny E.


  • Judicial Committee (TCSC's only elected committee)

    John R, Les S. Wayne M., David M., Carol A.      (Info)

         Judicial at TripleCitiesSkiClub dot com



  • Volleyball - Cindy T

  • New Jersey Ski Council Representative
    Denny Ebert
    E-mail [NJSC at TripleCitiesSkiClub dot com]


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