TCSC Day at Labrador! - Saturday, Feb 6, 2010 (Anytime that day)

TCSC Day at Labrador! - Saturday, Feb 6, 2010 (Anytime that day)

Come for a day of skiing with your TCSC friends at Labrador Mountain in Truxton, NY.

Lift Tickets - Use your free pass that Labrador donated to our ski sale volunteers (Thanks, Rick Bunnell!) or purchase a reduced price lift ticket using your TCSC discount. Just show your TCSC membership card at the ticket window and the cost of your lift ticket will be reduced by $5. (That discount is available anytime for TCSC members.)
[You can upgrade your 4 hr pass to a 9 hr for $3.]

Lessons - If you would like to work on your skiing skills, group lessons are only $20 (or $50 for a lesson/lift ticket combo.)

NASTAR - Two free NASTAR runs for TCSC members on TCSC Day at Lab!
(Normally $5. This is a great chance to try NASTAR for free!) [More NASTAR info below.]

Directions -
Take I-81 north to Exit 11 Cortland, and head north on Route 13 to Route 91 North
(Does someone want to set up a caravan or carpool meeting spot?)

Food -
Food can be purchased in the main lodge or the bar or pack your favorite lunch.
(Lab's wings in the bar are some of the best around.  The chili and soup of the day are excellent and try one of Lab's famous, giant cookies in the main lodge!)

Use Walkie-Talkie Channel 7.8

I hope to see you all there!

Tim Hanna
656-7680 (H)
768-0429 (Cell)
E-mail - tim (underscore) hanna (at) juno (dot) com

Long-winded details below ...

TCSC members are entitled to 2 free runs on the NASTAR course set up on Minipi Rapids. Fill out a NASTAR registration form at the ski school desk and get your bib number to attach to your ski pole. Then go to the starting shack on Minipi Rapids to make your runs. The course is available from 11 AM -2 PM.

NASTAR is one of the most effective ways to measure the efficiency of your ski turns. Each run that you make is electronically timed. The result of your run is expressed as a score called a "handicap." (Not like a golf handicap.) For example, if your handicap for a particular run is 30, it means that you skied 30% slower than the fastest skier on the US ski team. If your handicap was 50 on a different run, it means that you were 50% slower than the fastest person on the US Ski Team. As you take lessons or use the TCSC video library and improve your skiing, your NASTAR handicap should continue to decrease, which means that your are becoming a more skilled skier. But the main reason for doing NASTAR is that it is a blast! (Warning, NASTAR can be addictive!)

Check out our TCSC team roster at:

You can obtain your NASTAR ID number in advance by visiting the NASTAR Web site at the following address:
(You will be given a NASTAR ID like "DAY6" or "GEN378." Use that ID number at any ski area where you make NASTAR runs.)
(Be sure to choose "TripleCitiesSkiClub" as your "Club Team" when registering.)

Lessons Info -
Group lessons are 90 minutes long and start at 10 AM, Noon and 2 PM. Private lessons are available, too. It's just like meeting with the golf pro to work on your swing or perfecting your lunges with your personal trainer. Why not perfect your skiing with a lesson from a PSIA certified ski instructor? Go to the ski school desk upstairs in the main lodge for details or visit