Outdoor and Fitness Director

Coordinates club non-ski athletic activities including Volleyball, Tennis/Racquetball, Biking, Hiking, Snowshoeing, etc.

Persons already nominated (Updated periodically)

Detailed Description of this Position:

Creates a plan for Outdoor and Fitness activities for the year and finds qualified people from inside and outside the club to coordinate these events.  The Outdoor and Fitness Director assists individual event coordinators by showing them how to obtain a valid date on the TCSC calendar for their event and how to publicize it using the means available in the club, i.e. Web site, E-mail blasts, announcements at the monthly meetings, etc.

This is a high-level, administrative position like a CEO.  You do not need to run any events yourself, just ensure that others are running them.  If no one wants to run a given event, that event simply doesn't happen that year and you might decide to leave it off the plan for next year and try something different in its place.  Once your plan is in-place and everything is running smoothly, you can relax until something needs attention.

What does a TCSC Outdoor and Fitness plan look like?  See below:

48 Weeks of Weekly Volleyball (Indoor during winter and Outdoor-Sand during summer)
7 Day-Hikes
2 Weekend Hikes
2 Snowshoeing Events
2 Canoeing/Kayaking Events
2 Court Jester Fitness Nights - (1 Fall and 1 Spring)
1 "Bike & Dine" Event
1 Roller Skating Event
1 Ice Skating Event
1 Bowling Night
1 Tennis Night
1 Golf Outing

(The above is just a sample for one year.  The Outdoor and Fitness Directors create their own plan.)

Tell the club what coordinators you need.  (You may need to also make some phone calls and tap on a few shoulders.)  Then just add a coordinator's name next to each line-item.  If no coordinator steps up to the plate, then just cross the event off the list.

Serving in this position can be fun and something to be proud of.  It can also be a great learning experience and a great way to get to know other people in the club.