Epoxy Flooring for Data Centers

If you run a data center, you know the importance of environmental control. You need to avoid any potential leaks, regulate carefully humidity and temperature levels, and much more. Data centers are filled with sensitive equipment. 


Of course, you will have to invest in flooring that helps protect the equipment and manage the environment. It does not matter if you’re renovating an old data center to meet the latest standards or you’re building a new one.  

One of the most ideal choices is to install epoxy flooring in Jacksonville. This is particularly true if your facility has concrete flooring. Here are several reasons why: 


Typically, data centers have a white-and-beige color scheme that’s very monotonous. However, that thing is already in the past. Data centers nowadays often feature more vibrant colors and more appealing designs. For instance, it can be a practical option for color-coding various server rooms. You can also incorporate it to make a good first impression on customers who might visit your facility.  

Epoxy comes in a huge range of patterns and vibrant colors. This includes metallic red, shiny blue, and much more.  

It’s Versatile 

You can essentially install epoxy coating in almost all parts of your property. It can produce an appealing lobby area, you can use it in the restroom and kitchen areas, and make a break room easy to maintain. 

When it comes to the server rooms, epoxy will improve the durability of the existing flooring. It produces a base beneath structural platforms or raised floors. You can also apply epoxy to metal plates of the raised floors themselves if you require it.  

It Is Clean 

You can get rid of the natural dust that untreated concrete generates if you coat it with epoxy. You can also choose an epoxy coating that is formulated to block moisture vapor rising from the underlying ground via the concrete pores. It does not hold moisture or trap dust, unlike tile grout or carpet.  

Also, the smooth surface of epoxy makes it easy to get rid of debris and dust. There are no crevices or cracks where dust can get trapped. Furthermore, epoxy is resistant to liquids. This means that you can mop any spills rather than leaking into the concrete and possibly compromising the controlled climate.  

Weight Support 

To create an epoxy coating, you have to mix a curative and a resin. Combining these two materials will result in a chemical bond. This chemical bond is extremely durable compared to the sum of its parts. Thus, epoxy is extremely strong. It can easily handle the weight of heavy equipment. When it comes to server rooms, they’re typically filled with heavy servers. Coating the floors with epoxy helps support the weight of these items.  

Also, the epoxy coating has a semi-flexible surface. Because of this, it can easily resist cracks even if heavy items are dragged or dropped. Thus, you won’t have to coat your flooring every now and then if you choose epoxy coating. This is particularly true if you hire a professional company to coat it.